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Our contact is:

Hoofdweg 619
2131BA, Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
tel: +31 654 245 810


We wish to put the all the contact information of the new owners of the puppies on this page. However we cannot do so without your approval.
If you agree to have your contact info on this page, please send us an email.

We believe this will help your "dog-mates" to contact you in case they want to share the experience, knowledge, advices or just a nice walk in a forest with your dogs ...

We will also appreciate any information about the life of your dogs, their pictures, achievements, adventures, etc. that can be published on this web site. Every dog has his own page here dedicated just to him ...

Angel Fam. Heuvel, Hoofddorp,
Charley Theo, Mineke, Lars, Naomi Schnuck, Hoofddorp,
Indy Valeria & Martin Mosny, Hoofddorp,
Twickel Rene & Dominque, Haarlem,