Photo Gallery
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Here are some more pictures didn't fit in any of the other pages ...

Krtko a psy na plazi.jpg (57742 bytes) ...on a trip to the beach (from left: Chantal, Indy)
Bibka so psami.jpg (37968 bytes) ... on the same trip (from left: Nany (friend's dog), Chantal, Indy)
Psy v aute.jpg (78380 bytes) ... going to the Amsterdamse bos (from left: Chantal, Indy, Charley)
Psy v bose.jpg (91766 bytes) the "bos"
Krtko so psami v bose.jpg (126760 bytes) ... also in the bos
Chantal s Icom v snehu.jpg (69884 bytes) ... during a (very cold and snowy) Christmas holiday in Slovakia
Zmrznuty Ico.jpg (66115 bytes) ... the dogs did not mind the snow at all
Chantalka v snehu.jpg (52082 bytes) ... just the opposite; they loved it (Chantal)
Ico v snehu.jpg (54941 bytes) ...and also Indy
chantalka s ickom.JPG (80872 bytes) ...playing together in the Amsterdamse bos
chantal a indy v lese.jpg (99735 bytes) ...nice trip to a national park Hooge Veluwe (Netherlands)
bibka sedi v lese2.jpg (72001 bytes) was a nice sunny day
Ico na kopci.JPG (591238 bytes) Indy in the mountains (holiday in Zazriva, Slovakia)
Chantalka na luke.JPG (594078 bytes) ...Chantal on the same holiday in mountains...
Znudena Chantalka.JPG (607217 bytes) ...probably bored ...(no ducks...)
novemb 3 015.jpg (163477 bytes) First we dig a whole ...
novemb 3 014.jpg (161589 bytes) ...and then we sit in there.
novemb 3 017.jpg (150575 bytes) Happy Chantal in a forest
Sep29 029.jpg (54371 bytes) Happy Chantal in water
Sep29 017.jpg (63493 bytes) Happy Dann with dogs
DunLuzna 039.jpg (83126 bytes) Chantal and Indy are visiting his friend Aron in Slovakia
Vianoce2002 064.jpg (61333 bytes) Happy Indy enjoying the snow ...