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1.March 2004

Our "pupies" are celebrating their 3rd birthday tomorrow so we wish all the brothers and sisters of Indy a lot of health and a big birthday cake !


1.April 2003

We were visited by Charlie who came to see Chantal and Indy. He is really a grown up now and started to like water. You can see him on the pictures ... 

30mar2003 024.jpg (89688 bytes) 30mar2003 029.jpg (87151 bytes) 


2.March 2003


wpe1.jpg (24684 bytes)

19.January 2003

We received a nice greeting from Chelsea with a picture of her and her friends. Here it is ... pozdrav od Hofstee.jpg (56163 bytes)
There are also some new pictures in the Photo Gallery. Check them out.

22.September 2002

Notice: One of the 10 puppies is looking for a new home. The current owners are unfortunately not able to keep him due to the family reasons. If you know some good people that would be interested to give him a new home, please contact us. Martin&Valeria.
Upozornenie: Jedno zo šteniatok si hľadá nový domov. Terajší majitelia si ho bohužiaľ nemôžu nechať z rodinnývh dôvodov. Ak by ste vedeli o niekom, kto by mu mohol poskytnúť nový domov, prosím dajte nám vedieť. Martin&Valéria.

10.August 2002

On this happiest day in our life our son Dann was born (3900gr., 52cm). We are all very happy, including Chantal and Indy. You can see that on these few pictures...
porod 006.jpg (76350 bytes) porod 020.jpg (66158 bytes) Dann a Indy.jpg (97046 bytes) den7 017.jpg (92879 bytes)

03.August 2002

We received two more nice pictures from Chelsea. You can find them on her page:Chelsea.

15.June 2002

We added a few new pictures to the photo gallery from our holiday in Slovakia. 

1.June 2002

We moved to a new place in Hoofddorp. It was difficult but it was worth it. Now we are living again next to a veterinary ambulance. For those who want to visit us (you are all most welcome) our new address is: Hoofdweg 619, 2131BA Hoofddorp.

20.May 2002

We received a nice email from Natasja v.d. Heuvel about her new web page dedicated to Angel. Here is the link the English version: , and the Dutch version: .
Thank you very much for this.

13.April 2002

We added couple of new pictures to the pages of Chantal, Indy, Twickle (she was on a one week holiday at our place) and to the photo-gallery.

12. March 2002

Chelsea came to visit us and brought a very nice picture from her birthday party.
You can find it on her page.

7. March 2002

We added a new page "Other links" dedicated to other dog breeds and other animals. 
Pridali sme novú stránku "Other links" venovanú iným plemenám a ostatným zvieratám.

3.March 2002

We found one very nice web page dedicated to Irish Setters. It is written in Slovak but it has very nice pictures too ...
Pre našich slovenských priateľov: Dnes sme našli na slovenskom Internete jednu stránku venovanú írskym setrom s množstvom pekných obrázkov ...

2. March 2002

Today all of the puppies are celebrating their first birthday.


We received a very nice greeting from Charley pohladnica od Charley.jpg (181389 bytes) and telephone congratulation from Lazy and Angel. Let us forward these to all of you ...

21. January 2002

After coming back from a very nice (and snowy) holiday in Slovakia where we made many nice pictures we decided to put some of them here. We also visited Ajax jr. and you can find also his pictures here. Charley also spent another nice week with us so there are also some "fresh" pictures of him ...
You can also find two new pages in the main menu: Photo Gallery and Video Gallery. These will include pictures and videos that did not fit into any of the other pages.

20. November 2001

We received approval from Fam. Heuvel to put their contact info on the Contacts page. Thank you for that.

17. November 2001

We received a picture from Angel's owner so now the picture gallery is complete ...
We also received approval from Rene&Dominique to put their contact info on the Contacts page. Thank you for that.

14. November 2001

We received first reaction from owners of Twickel. They sent us also a nice picture of her. You can find it on Twickel's page.

13. November 2001

Debbie_oznam.jpg (30860 bytes)
We printed and sent out flyers (Flyer.htm) with message about this website to all the new owners of the puppies. We are looking forward to see the reactions .... :-))

10. November 2001

This place is reserved for announcements, messages and other "news" we'd like to present to you. At the moment the biggest news is that we managed to set up this web site. However it is not completely finished yet since we are waiting for some pictures and information from some of the new owners. Some other pages a little bit "under construction" so please excuse any inconveniences.

Any comments are welcome on

If you would like to also post some interesting news here, just send it to us ...